Bon Voyage Merlot sans alcool

Weinkellerei Hechtsheim

Bon Voyage Merlot sans alcool


* Suggested retail price
Product code
12 x 750ml
Listing type
SAQ Specialty by lot
Type of product
Still wine
Licensee price
Regulated designation
Merlot 100 %
Alcohol percentage
Sugar content
48 g/l
Closure type
Metal screw cap
Aging potential
Ready to drink

About this winery

Weinkellerei Hechtsheim GmbH operates as a winery. The Company offers its vineyard and grape production. Weinkellerei Hechtsheim provides alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines, liquors, and spirits, as well as wine tasting, vineyard visit, and other services. Weinkellerei Hechtsheim serves customers in Germany.

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Production notes

The dealcoholization process is based on the principles of distillation. Unfortunately, as soon as a wine is heated above 70 ° C, unpleasant cooked notes remain. This is why Bon Voyage is dealcoholized under vacuum, a gentler method than any other process. Under vacuum, the boiling temperature of a liquid drops drastically, and you can dealcoholize a wine while heating it to less than 30 ° C. Vacuum distillation, which is divided into two stages. The first is to pass the wine through a distillation column and extract the very volatile compounds (the aromas) in a small alcoholic fraction at a temperature of 30 ° C. The second step is to make a second pass of the wine on the column to remove the alcohol. Then reinject the aromatic fraction extracted during the first step into the dealcoholized wine.

Tasting notes

Deep garnet red color. The nose reveals a bouquet of red fruits, blackcurrant and cherry. With a very long finish, this wine has silky, smooth tannins.